Brooklyn queer wave band


Gay Panic is a queer band from Brooklyn playing live and touring since 2015. They released their first album, Too Sensitive, in early 2015, and released a second full length album entitled Wrong Feelings in December of 2016. Influenced by Gang of Four, Talking Heads, Radiohead, The Smiths, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley. With Josh Lerner on vocals, Lior Ben-Abu Hadar on guitar, Maggie Schreiner on drums and Phil Andrews on bass.


Past Shows



4/2/17 Brooklyn: The Silent Barn with CUTTERS, Cutting Room Floor, Garrett Walters, Little Waist
3/29/17 Brooklyn: The Silent Barn w/Mallory, Told Slant and Adult Mom
3/25/17 Brooklyn: The Rock Shop w/Trophy Wife, Worriers and Tiny Tusks
3/11/17 Brooklyn: Shady Hawkins Farewell Show at Silent Barn w/Shady Hawkins, Aye Nako, Phantom Rides and Alice
3/9/17 Philadelphia: The Mitten w/My Gay Banjo, Hot Tears and Diane Naud
2/24/17 Brooklyn: Silent Barn w/My Parade and Hot Tears
2/17/17 Montague, MA: House Show w/Ajency and Aronia (Ellerie from Eljebel)
2/16/17 Providence, RI: PRE FOO STUDIO 54 REVIVAL PARTY at Spark City w/ursula londonderry, v.r. stellastar taco, cj, Enormous Door, Groke, DJs hannah z. + gooby
2/11/17 NYC: Sleep No More at the Manderlay Bar
2/11/17 NYC: Indoor fetish block party w/Witti Repartee, Stose, Dandy Darkly, The Ones. Big Dipper. Michael T
1/28/17 Brooklyn: Queer Detainee Empowerment Project fundraiser at Shea Stadium w/Little Waist, Penguin, Big Huge, Homewreckers
1/19/17 Brooklyn: Album release party at Rock Shop w/ Leda, Public Hex and Little Waist
1/14/17 Bronxville: at Sarah Lawrence College w/Shady Hawkins
1/12/17 Brooklyn: at Acheron w/ Hexbane and Lonesome Leash
1/7/17 Brooklyn: IWW Fundraiser w/O Great North, Lobby Art, and No One and the Somebodies



11/19/16: Sarah Lawrence College w/ The Shivering Brigade
11/12/16 Asheville at Preston House with Hot Mess Monster, Nutter, and Thin Lips
11/10/16 Atlanta: at Homotel w/Didi Xio
11/8/16 Greensboro: at Empire Books w/ Diarrhea Planet and Lovely Bad Things
11/7/16 Raleigh: at Slim’s Distillery w/ Chris McCauley and DJ Pancakes
11/5/16 DC: at Club 24/7 w/ Blood Horses, Radio Feedbak and Glitterlust
11/4/16 Baltimore: at Bohemian Coffee w/Queen Wolf and Dear Rabbit
10/29/16 Brooklyn: Queercore Halloween Show at Hank’s Saloon w/Shady Hawkins, Ruff Talons and Bad Behavior.
10/14/16 Brooklyn: Fundraiser for Legal Defense Hotline at The Muse w/Sweet Soubrette and Not Waving But Drowning.
10/8/16 Montpelier, VT: Charlie O’s World Famous,w/Music Was My First Gay Lover & Phil Andrews
10/7/16 Montreal, QC: Club Du Drones w/Chochottes and Dopplebanger
6/15/16 Brooklyn: Punk Island Transcore Fundraiser w/GLTR PNCH, Bad Behavior, Lez Go
5/6/16 Hartford, CT: Hartford Denim Company w/What Cheer? Brigade
4/16/16 Providence, RI: Queer Dance Party
4/15/16 Sarah Lawrence College w/GLTR PNCH
3/11/16 Brooklyn: Danny Screams Studios w/Poof Pony and Shane Shane
2/29/16 NYC: Hot Cheap Living Fest at the Living Theater w/Dane Terry, Red Durkin, Patrick Robbins, Cheetahs on the Loose
2/12/16 Brooklyn: Tar Sands Blockade Benefit w/Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Glittered & Mauled, Nathan Leigh and the Traveling Salesmen, 5 Mile String Band
2/5/16 NYC: Hardcore Matinee at ABC No Rio w/Swaggerin’ Growlers, Cinema Cinema, The Shivering Brigade



12/26/15 Hackettstown, NJ: Bar 46 w/Boy Things, Pilots in Orbit, Green Paper
12/23/15 Brooklyn: Ali Forney Fundraiser at 538 Johnson w/ Girlcrush
12/18/15 Brooklyn: Fancy Party at Ho_se w/Curse, Edith Pop, Advaeta and Shane Shane
12/17/15 Brooklyn: Cristy Road Book Release at the Spectrum w/GLTR PNCH, Glittered and Mauled, Girlcrush
11/20/15 Arlington, VA at CD Cellar with Downtown Boys
11/19/15 NYC: Cake Shop w/ Downtown Boys
11/13/15 Brooklyn: Flamingo Palace w/Kitty and the Fags and The Homewreckers
10/17/15 NYC: ABC No Rio FIERCE! Benefit w/Shady Hawkins, Peeple Watching, Lady Vengeance
10/7/15 Brooklyn: Last Shag, Anti-Fracking Fundraiser w/Dan Fishback and Shane Shane
9/5/15 Brooklyn: Trash Bar, IDA Fundraiser w/Penguin, GLTR PNCH, Schmekel, Girlcrush, Princess Tiny & The Meats
7/4/15 Brooklyn: Gowanus Ballroom w/ Mike Haar the Barber, Miru Kim, Viva Le Vox, Hungry March Band, Coxcombs
7/2/15 Brooklyn: Public Assembly w/Schmekel and GLTR PNCH
6/26/15 Montreal: Death Church w/ Dekoder, Spastic Joy and Led Er Est
6/25/15 Montreal: Decadent Squalor w/ Loudbag and DJ Rezurrection
6/24/15 Kingston, NY: The Lounge w/ Ghosts and Bones
6/20/15 Hackettstown, NJ w/ Boy Things, Vows and A Fire With Friends
6/19/15 Braddock, PA: App Expo Art Opening
6/12/15 Brooklyn: House Party w/Out of Station Transfer
6/11/15 Brooklyn: Trash Bar w/Empire Beats and Menage
5/22/15 Brooklyn: Tip Top Bar
4/4/15 Brooklyn: Flamingo Palace w/Kitty and the Fags, Glittered and Mauled and Girlcrush
3/26/15 Brooklyn: Lone Wolf w/GLTR PNCH and Boy Things
2/17/15 Brooklyn: JFREJ Purim Party w/Rude Mechanical Orchestra

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