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Wrong Feelings reviewed on Fuck Yeah! Queer Music

Check it out! Our new album recently received a great review on Fuck Yeah! Queer Music

Original link is here!

“Gay Panic is a Brooklyn based indie band who just released their second album, Wrong Feelings, this past Tuesday. If you’re a fan of 80’s new wave and rock mixed with hip indie leanings, this is the band for you. Plus, their guitarist is the awesome Lior Hadar, whose solo project is Music Was My First Gay Lover I’ve covered a couple times before.

Gay Panic’s sound is very vocal forward, and rightfully so, as singer Josh Lerner is a powerhouse in a almost Broadway performer type of way. His voice gives the band a unique melodrama that really helps them stand out from the rest of the indie rock pack, which, while Gay Panic does the genre well, is still a crowded field, but Lerner makes sure you remember who they are. Musically, they are very dance-y. The guitar and bass are super bouncy and, for lack of a better term, they dance around one another in the songs, creating tunes that are fun and interesting to listen to. Pretty much, they are the super queer indie band you’ve been waiting for.”


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